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Welcome to the universe of Maison Skorpios. This project is much more than a Brand. Skorpios is the shoes brand of Adriana Abascal, a reflection of the international and sophisticated lifestyle of her creator.

A project that brings together all the knowledge and experience, collected by Adriana for years in the fashion and art world, which she loves.

The name is not coincidental. Maison Skorpios is named after her creator’s zodiac sign, a strong, entrepreneur woman with a great capacity to transform herself. Mystery, power and passion are the values that represent Adriana’s shoes brand.


The Skorpios collection is inspired by Adriana


The Skorpios collection is inspired by the cosmopolitan and sophisticated woman that Adriana is, with Mexican roots and a strong bond with Italian art. In fact, Skorpios designs are handmade in Italy with high-quality materials, combining the Italian design together with the traditional craftmanship know-how.

The Skorpios collection comprehends nine shoes models, available in different colours and the finest materials. The outcome is Metamorphosis and Adriana Abascal, a collection of exquisite high-heeled shoes, boots, ankle boots and pumps, with a timeless design, wothy of being collected such as art pieces.

Jimena, Nieves, Gabriella or Astrid are some of the woman names that identify every model of Adriana Abascal’s shoes brand. Women who, all of them, mean or have meant something in her life, and who inspire every design and every detail.


Skorpios are shoes designed and made in Italy, surrounded by Mexican tradition


Pieces which, as could not be otherwise, are wrapped in cloth bags crafted and embroidered by artisan women from Oaxaca, Mexico. On the outside, powerful quotes such as “Nothing is more dangerous than a silent woman”.

Skorpios are shoes designed and made in Italy, surrounded by Mexican tradition. A special nod from Adriana, who was borned in Mexico, to her roots. In this way she wanted to contribute to maintain traditional craftmanship in her country, empowering and giving opportunities to artisan women.

Skorpios is, therefore, such an experience from the first minute. From its packaging, to the wrap that surround them. Everything in Maison Skorpios breaths professionality, quality, luxury, elegance and woman empowerment. Adriana Abascal has managed to create unique and exclusive designs with an excellent quality that will be by your side forever, if you would like to.


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