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Adriana Abascal is passionate about art and values artisanal work. She believes that tradition and art elevate fashion to another level and make it ever-lasting. From this idea was born Skorpios.Therefore, we can say that Skorpios is artisanal.


Skorpios’ shoes are handmade in Italy using the finest materials. The collection is a beautiful blend of Latino roots and Italian know-how. This know-how comes from the artists who create them, as all the models are designed with traditional craftsmanship in Italy.


As a brand Skorpios is dedicated to social commitment. We believe in being responsible towards society and act consequently. Besides the traditional craftsmanship and artisanal value of Skorpios, the brand aims to support underprivileged communities in Adriana’s native country, Mexico. Each pair of shoes is delivered in hand embroidered pouches made in Mexico.




These special pouches are hand-embroidered by female artisans from a small community in Oaxaca, Mexico. The community runs a workshop employing 10 gifted artisans who adorn these beautiful and collectible pouches. Each pouch has an expression embroidered in red that represents the brand and Adriana’s personality.


“Chase your DREAMS always in HIGH HEELS”


We collaborate together with the charity Fundación Leon XIII and we hope to develop further similar collaborations. Adriana, who was borned and raised in Mexico, aims to support threatened traditional crafts with these contributions. This is a way of creating employment as well and empowering female artisans in small underprivileged communities.




The artisanal value of Skorpios makes it unique and timeless. The infinite rare and precious materials used in our designs make them exquisite. Being handmade means being unique. Nothing compares to Skorpios designs and details. The wonderful shoe bags made from luxurious Italian fabrics, individually manufactured and hand-embroidered in Mexico are designed to be treasured. 


This is Skorpios: artisanal, exquisite, unique, timeless and luxurious.