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Maison Skorpios owes its name to the astrological sign of her creator: Scorpio. The power and energy of this arachnid are the key. In this way, the scorpion of Adriana Abascal is Maison Skorpios

From there, a whole universo of senses and symbology is established to define the shoes brand of Adriana. A mimesis between the brand and her creator, as someone who creates a very personal project and puts all her heart on it.

Power, emotional energy, imagination, intuition, strength and sensitivity are the characteristics and fundamental pillars of Scorpio’s personality, as well as Maison Skorpios. Values that are embodied in its collection, each design and each piece of Adriana Abascal’s brand.


The universe of Skorpios


There is not just one universe of Skorpios, there are four. All of them surrounded by an immensely energetic aura, which is shown by a¡each collection.

The brand, its craft, its social commitment and her creator, Adriana, shape these four worlds which melt into one and represent using the scorpion image, its mark.

The personality of Scorpio is marked by passion and mystery. They are capable of coming out of the ashes and transform, in body and soul. The transformation is inevitable, whether it is chaotic or quiet. The process of transformation, from women to scorpion, is the Metamorphosis, represented in the first collection of Skorpios.

Adriana is able to, through her shoes brand, show her strength, her creativity, liberate herself and transform into an authentic scorpion. Skorpios means empowerment, mystery, power, elegance and strength.

Scorpion, metamorphosis and energy. Water and earth. Light and shadow. Adriana Abascal. Maison Skorpios.


The Scorpion Metamorphosis and Adriana


Adriana personifies flawlessly the metamorphosis, the transformation. Same as a good shoe can define yourself, a good shoe can empower you, distinguish you, dress you and, even, the opposite.

At the end, the only permanent factor is change, and in Skorpios and Adriana Abascal change and movement are the reason to be.