Skorpios is a luxury brand that remains nonetheless highly committed to sustainability. We strongly believe in being steadfast and responsible towards society and our planet’s future.

All the packaging materials are recycled and are coloured using organic dyes. Our manufacturers specialize in promoting a more ecological approach by planting trees to offset their carbon footprint.

By creating a luxury brand that combines exceptional quality and timeless style, we are promoting our clientele to have an ecological consciousness in their consumption, a far cry from fast fashion.

Each pair is presented in an exquisite collectible pouch made from luxurious Italian fabrics, individually manufactured and hand embroidered in Mexico by female artisans. These decidedly versatile pouches are exclusively adorned with tongue-in-cheek expressions which reflect Adriana’s vivacious personality. Moreover, these wonderful pouches were specifically designed to be treasured and used time and time again, allowing Skorpios to be contributing both socially and environmentally which we believe is the ultimate luxury.

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