The soul of Skorpios

Maison Skorpios was created in 2020 by Adriana Abascal. Inspired by her cosmopolitan education, her
travels and her love of art and architecture, Adriana designs shoe luxury collections for fast paced modern women who do not wish to choose between comfort and elegance. The collections are made in Italy by the finest craftsmen, to ensure exemplary quality at every stage of the creative process.
The primary focus of the House is the boot, which is available in several
iconic models through flamboyant color palettes.

Skorpios' DNA encompasses sensuality, timelessness, authenticity and a unique sense of color
that makes each pair both original and desirable.

Maison Skorpios, the bootmaker's reference in the making.

Adriana Abascal, a passionate creator

Born under the astrological sign of Scorpio in the magical splendor of Mexico, Adriana was raised between her hometown Veracruz, the United States and Europe, Adriana managed with her determination and style, to conquer Spain,London then Paris, her adopted city.

Passionate about art and fashion, a tireless globetrotter, Adriana is always looking for inspiration and innovations for her collections.

Adriana’s motivation is to make a statement and build a legacy.

Our values

Social commitment & sustainability : « Craftsmanship is the real Luxury ».
Skorpios shoes are made in Italy by the finest craftsmen with a precious selection of high-quality leather in order to last overtime. Skorpios works with the Italian manufacture factory guaranteeing the same quality as pure luxury players and the ability to scale easily.
Skorpios use of craftsmanship is a testimony to more than the sustainable and quality perspective.
Skorpios also preserves a region, a culture and traditions by working with craftsmen.